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Purim in a Can

Submitted By: Beth Greenberg

Giving gifts of fruit, nuts and treats to friends and family is a fun Purim tradition that has been practiced since ancient times by Jewish people around the world.  On the Sunday before Purim, my kids get dressed in their Purim costumes and we make the special containers filled with goodies that we call: “Purim in a Can”.  The kids decorate the cans and we fill them with an assortment of hamentashen, apples and oranges, nuts, chocolate candy, Purim gregors and more.  It’s always a big hit with all the recipients and it’s a fun (and brief) way to pay some of those over due visits to family and friends.  Here’s how to do it: You can order silver paint cans online.  Let your children decorate them with stickers, markers and/or paint, or, you can create your own labels on the computer or with construction paper. Fill the cans with goodies, use a towel to cushion the blows of a hammer to seal the lid, and viola… Purim in a Can.  If you don’t want to use paint cans, boxes, baskets, plates or any container will do.  Enjoy!

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